Our Process

Quality tree production begins with a quality liner {a term for a beginning plant]. We propagate about 85% of our young plants in our greenhouses. We then either plant them in our liner bed or pot them up, depending in the type plant. After one or two years, we wills select the best plants to take to our fields for field production.


All trees are staked to maintain a central leader. This is very labor intensive but it pays off by giving consistent quality at harvest. All evergreens are sheared extensively to produce a uniform shape.

Pest management practices are followed and proper herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides are applied when necessary. We take great effort in keeping our fields neat and weed free.


All trees are irrigated with an efficient drip irrigation system that also allows us to inject liquid fertilizer. This fertigation insures optimum health and maximum growth.

We dig all of our trees with Caretree and Optimal treespades mounted on a variety of equipment. We have a 32 inch, a 36inch, and a 50 inch spade.  These three spades allows us to dig any tree from a 2 inch caliper to a 5 1/2 inch caliper.


All trees are set in wire baskets and burlap [treated burlap is available upon request]. The top of the basket is laced with a nylon strapping to insure easy handling of the heavy balls.


You may pick up your trees or we can arrange freight [which we do 90% of the time].


We encourage our customers to visit our nursery and tag your own trees. We know that if you see our nursery, you will like our quality and selection. Most of our customers depend on us to tag their trees for them.


We guarantee that our product will meet or exceed the standard that you are expecting.