Golden Globe Ginkgo


Ginkgo biloba 'Golden Globe'

Plant Patent #12,765

The 'Golden Globe' Ginkgo, plant patent #12,765, is a full-headed MALE ginkgo that exhibits a stunning gold color in the fall. This is a grafted male that has none of the smelly fruit of the female.The tree head matures into an oval crown with a dense branching habit. There is not a more beautiful tree in the fall landscape than this tree.

HARDINESS: Zones 3-8


DISCOVERED BY: David Cleveland in 1990 as a chance seedling in Fort Valley, Ga


LANDSCAPE VALUE: A male ginkgo with a very full head that has spectacular full color


HABIT: The tree has unusually dense branching for a ginkgo. Young trees have full crowns that mature into a broad rounded head. The leaves turn a striking golden yellow in the fall. The growth rate is considered slow to moderate, but has been observed to be faster than that of other male ginkgo cultivars.


CULTURE: Grows in almost any situation; full sun, PH adaptable, transplants easily, air pollution and salt and heat tolerant




PROPOGATION METHOD: Budded on seedling understock


PATENT INFORMATION: Plant patent #12,765