Welcome to Cleveland Tree Company!

Cleveland Tree Company is a field nursery growing high quality trees and evergreen shrubs for the wholesale landscape market of the Eastern US. We are located on 110 acres of some of the best farmland in Georgia near Fort Valley in the middle part of the state.


We sell trees ranging in size from 3” caliper to 6” caliper and evergreens from 5’ to 26’ tall. We also have a small bare-root liner operation that supplies quality bare-root liners to nurseries in the Southeast.


Check out our current availability on this website. It is updated weekly and several specials are offered on certain items. We can email you pictures upon request.


We invite you to visit us at our nursery.

"Drone View of Cleveland Tree 

Check out this aerial shot of our nursery that we just shot. It gives a great view

of our nursery and some tree digging shots also.



"The Correct Use of a Head Strap"

We strongly encourage our customers to use a head strap when handling large B&B trees.Use of a head strap is better for the tree and safer for the installer. this video shows how to use it.

"The Search for the Imperfect Tree"

Check out this spoof of Landscape Architect 'Leaf Sketcher' in his

fruitless search for the imperfect tree.

18' Biloxi Crapy Myrtle